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At Faer House, we have revolutionized wellness by bringing the Healing back Home.

By blending the concepts of concierge and tele-medicine with a holistic medspa feel, you will experience a comprehensive "youthing" like never before.


"The Faer House is like Never Never Land. - A place you can call home, be yourself, and never grow old. "


 By partnering with Mind, Body, and Spirit experts around the world, we have created a cooperative community of healers, and like-minded individuals that come together as a family to share knowledge, serve, and to transform each others lives.  Spend a day with us and you will experience a culture that delights in the pure joy of giving and receiving. Helping one another to be our healthiest and happiest selves.


"The level of genuine service and caring experienced at Faer House was unparalleled. The one-on-one attention was beyond VIP. My every ailment addressed and my entire being was nurtured. I found a forever home and I will never leave."

 Faer House is a non-profit 501C corp allowing for the beauty of a true cooperative community that is not based on greed to unfold. 

At a time when organized medicine has become a pill pushing,  money hungry cost-cutting conundrum, and dis-ease is on the rise, the time has come to bring healing home.

 Our mission is to bring heart back to healing,  You back in Youth, Faith back in Family, and Fairness back in Medicine. When you walk into our home, you are One of Us. Our purpose to help each other feel good...feel full of life... Fulfilled. You have arrived for a reason, and we are your healing guides. Open up to experience your transformation - discovering your source, your fire, your flame. Find You. Be You.

You are Home.


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